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¤¤START¤¤"Dumas plays with extraordinary virtuosity and expressive power, (...) Dumas also reverses bowing, in the manner of playing a viola da gamba, and this technique produces greater resonance than conventional bow strokes. Because she regards her work on the suites as a research project, Dumas has aimed at a more objective approach rather than a subjective reading, though her playing is by no means mechanical and her expressiveness still shines through in her artistic shaping of the harmony and the sound, though without Romantic gestures or self-indulgent moodiness." ¤¤END¤¤
¤¤START¤¤Blair Sanderson, allmusic.com¤¤END¤¤
¤¤START¤¤"I listened to the 6 Bach suites with pleasure. Very well done, I liked very much the resonance, intonation and the way of playing. Very convincing. A very good work and great success technically."¤¤CR¤¤¤¤END¤¤
¤¤START¤¤- Ton Koopman¤¤END¤¤


¤¤START¤¤Ariane Charton¤¤END¤¤
¤¤START¤¤Jean-Jacques Millo¤¤END¤¤



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